Tips for Hiring a Freelance Writer



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Email Etiquette for Freelancers


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Income Tax Slab for FY 2014-15 (updated)

这是我们在上发布的后续帖子 自由职业者的所得税影响  因为财政部长最近修改了所得税的税率。这是2014-15财年(2014-15财年)最新的税率表。如果你是一名自由职业者,在当前财政年度(14-15)的应纳税收入超过2,50000,你应该确保按时纳税,以避免任何麻烦。

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TDS & Refunds for Freelancers in India

在WorknHire之前的一篇文章中。com我们讨论了 印度自由职业者的所得税影响. 虽然我们已经讨论了有关所得税的大部分问题,但网站的大多数访问者一直在问的一个问题是TDS和服务税。因此,我们在这里讨论TDS扣除额及其对在印度工作的自由职业者的影响。

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Some Interesting Facts from 2012 Freelance Industry Report

The Freelance Industry is growing. The very fact that we call it an “industry” now is indicative of the fact. The Freelance Industry Report by Ed Gandia, founder of International Freelancers Academy, threw up some surprising and encouraging facts when we surveyed it. This survey contains all aspects of Freelancing so we decided to list down the most eye-catching facts of this report. Here goes:

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Tips to avoid getting screwed when starting as a freelancer

If you’re just starting your career in the world of freelancing, welcome aboard. It’s a great time to be a new freelancer, with loads of opportunity out there as companies of all sizes from small to large are continually looking to outsource many types of services.

Starting a new career can be fun and exciting but you should take care of a few things in order to ensure that you are not getting screwed as a freelancer.  This article will explain a few points on how you can avoid being exploited and start earning real money.

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Essential Tips for Writing Effective Freelance Proposals

To survive and excel as a freelancer, you need to be able to market and sell yourself. First impressions really matter and specially in freelance business it’s important that you make a good first impression with your proposal. That’s why writing an effective proposal to a prospective client is one of the key skills you can develop to be more successful.

Many freelancers make various common mistakes in their proposals, from talking too much about yourself and what you want, from not knowing what the client wants, to rambling on. You should avoid these common mistakes to make your proposal effective. Here is a list of tips to make your next proposal more effective.

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既然我们都是人(至少每个读这篇文章的人),我们应该认识到错误是会发生的。人们常说“犯错是人”,这表明我们不仅犯错误很常见,而且 预期. 犯错是我们学习的主要方式之一,这也是我们人类的形成方式。这对自由职业者来说没有什么不同(毕竟他们是人类)。


So here is a list of 6 most common freelance mistakes and how to avoid them.

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6 benefits of Hiring Freelancers at Work N Hire

If you are new to Work N Hire and the freelance marketplace concept, you must be wondering at the moment what’s this all about? Well let me lay it down in brief for you. Work N Hire is a freelance marketplace where you can hire an expert/professional for your work online. So does that mean its yet another job portal? No its not another job portal (well every job portal says that :D) . Job Portals only assist in finding you a right match and after that its your duty to manage the project, make payments etc. For a full time work this system works, because both the parties are physically present, but in an online hiring model since you are not aware of the other person you need help starting from finding the right candidate to managing the work with a contract and finally making payments safely and you find all of this on Work N Hire and hence I say its not another Job Portal. Here is a list of 6 benefits of why we think you should start considering hiring freelancers at Work N Hire.

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你的故事“The Freelance Industry gets One More Boost with”., India’s Platform for entrepreneurs and Start-ups, covered Work N Hire and published a news article on 26th June 2012. We are glad to be a part of an article on and we thank the team for publishing a great article about Work N Hire.

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Work N Hire Review by “SocialVani”

A few days back we were contacted by Chitraparna Sinha from SocialVani for a review of Work N Hire. SocialVani interviewed our co-founders through email and published an unbiased review of Work N Hire. We are glad to have a chance to be reviewed by SocialVani.

以下是来自SocialVani的Chitraparna Sinha在评论《雇佣工作》时所说的话的摘录。您可以在以下位置阅读整个评论:

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Work N Hire最初的想法是通过创建在线市场来弥合印度自由职业者和客户之间的差距。作为一家IT服务初创公司Excellence Technologies的联合创始人,我们经常接到朋友、熟人和前一家公司同事的电话,询问我们是否认识一位可以从事他们工作的自由职业者。在某些情况下,我们可能能够帮助他们,在其他情况下,我们没有接触到具有特定技能的自由职业者。看到了这种供需缺口,我们决定采取一些措施,并推出了Work N Hire,这是印度第一个在线自由职业者市场。

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自由职业者 可以简单地解释为自营职业或为自己工作的实践。自由职业者是作为独立承包商为客户提供特定服务的人。


Freelance practice varies greatly. Some Freelancers find work through direct referral while others choose to use a more subtle way of finding work online by searching for jobs on various online marketplaces like,, etc .Some require clients to sign written contracts, while others may perform work based on verbal agreements, perhaps enforceable through the very nature of the work.

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